Staying on Track

With colder weather and darker mornings, staying on track with your exercise regime an be tough as Autumn arrives. We all know regular exercise is of huge benefit to our mental and physical wellbeing. But how can we keep in the good habit of exercising regularly without giving up or making excuses?

Here are some of our top tips to being, and staying more active.

  1. Be kind to yourself. Set realistic goals and celebrate your successes.

  2. Keep it fresh. Ensure your training regime is enjoyable by mixing things up. Try new activities, workout with friends, download new playlists, and attend group classes where you’ll find motivation by training with like-minded people.

  3. Workout first thing. Before the day gets away from you, go for that run or do the home HIIT workout. It might be hard initially getting out of bed, but you’ll feel great all day for the effort you put in. A great tip for getting out of bed – set your alarm and put it out of reach!

  4. “When you decide to do something, remind yourself that it is commitment not motivation that matters” says Steve Peters, author of The Chimp Paradox. When setting your goal, it is important to create a plan and structure that helps you stay committed.

  5. I have found that clients often benefit from booking their personal training appointments, or a place in a class well in advance. In effect, they don’t need to find the willpower as they are already committed to turning up.

Hope this helps!