Pilates: How 1:1 tuition can help you, whatever your motivation

By Gina Craig, Founder & Owner of Precision Poise

It may be almost 75 years since Joseph Pilates published the original 34 mat based exercises that formed the basis of his body conditioning method “Contrology”, but the popularity of the Pilates method continues to grow, with group Pilates classes now being offered in studios, gyms and community halls across the country.

Pilates aims to develop the body uniformly; improving posture, strength & mobility.  It is a great foundation to support the demands of daily living, help recovery from certain injuries, and optimise performance in other areas of physical activity.   

Some may find the idea of stepping into a group class daunting, however, especially if you are brand new to Pilates.  One to one tuition can be a great way to start out, or to help you focus on a specific issue or goal.  

•     Learn basic technique before joining a group class: An introductory 1:1 session or a short course of 1:1 sessions provides you with the opportunity to get to grips with the technical aspects of the Pilates method at your own pace.  You can ask questions that you may not feel comfortable asking in a group class, and determine which adaptations of certain exercises are most appropriate for you.  This can help you feel more confident when you do eventually attend group classes

•     Aid return to exercise after injury: Your instructor will tailor sessions for you, choosing the best exercises to help you meet your rehabilitation and development needs.  You will be advised on adaptations and modifications to certain exercises in order to accommodate your condition, and can work at your own pace. 

•  Optimise general practice: With 1:1 tuition, you receive dedicated attention from your instructor, observing and focusing on your technique during every single exercise. You get an hour of time that is dedicated entirely to you and your body.  Some people chose to have regular 1:1s as their sole practice or to supplement their regular group classes and/or home practice.

•  During pregnancy / after childbirth: Pilates can be great for pregnant women and those returning to activity after childbirth, but it is important that the appropriate adaptations are made to keep exercises safe and effective for your changing body.  Our bodies all respond differently in pregnancy and after childbirth.  One to one sessions with a pre/postnatally qualified instructor give you the opportunity to focus on your own needs.  This can be particularly helpful for postnatal ladies with abdominal separation or pelvic floor issues.  Some instructors offer 1:1s in client’s own homes, making it much easier for Mums struggling to get out of the house with a little one in tow!

The people in the images you see are just a few of my clients who have taken 1:1 sessions with me. Each of them with their own objectives & goals, each working at a different level to meet their own needs.  

Pilates is about getting to know and work with your own body. Your motivation for starting and your journey is personal to you.  There is no pre-requisite of who Pilates is for.  The beauty of the method is that it is designed to benefit everybody - whatever your body type, fitness level or reason for starting.


Gina Craig is the Founder & Owner of Precision Poise. 

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