Reasons to hit the Barre

If you haven’t by now heard of Barre, we’re not sure where you’ve been? Once labelled the hottest trend in fitness, it’s clear that Barre classes are here to stay.

The origins of barre can be tracked back to Lotte Berk, a German Dancer living in London, who developed her method combining her dance conditioning with rehabilitative therapy after hurting her back. Lotte opened her first studio in 1959. Barre is nothing new! However, it’s evolution means that you don’t need any rhythm or to own a pair of ballet pumps to get involved!

Barre workouts typically involve mat based exercises and arm and core exercises as well as focusing on thighs and glutes. You’ll be sure to fire the burn through smart sequencing of isometric and small incremental movements.

So how can you expect to benefit from becoming a regular at the Barre?

  1. Rapid strength gains

  2. Injury rehab and prevention

  3. Great for posture

  4. Great for flexibility

  5. Feel-good factor - there will sure be times when the count seems to be in slow motion, but you’ll get through it, and you’ll feel great for it!

Image: Natasha Wood, London based Barre instructor

Image: Natasha Wood, London based Barre instructor