The Owls Q&A with Lauren Steadman

Last year the schoolchildren at The Holme CE Primary School in Bordon, Hampshire enjoyed a day with The Triathlon Trust, the official charity of British Triathlon. The Trust work to inspire children to lead active and healthy lives and in World Champion Lauren Steadman, share an Ambassador with the Fitness Festival.

The kids at The Holme CE Primary have followed Lauren’s achievements since the Triathlon day and since being introduced to her and the Festival by their Headteacher. Having seen Lauren appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, they were keen to ask her some questions. Thank you to the Owls!

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Which is your favourite out of swimming, running or cycling? I love to be on my bike!! 

Is it the salsa you eat that you love or the dance? I love both! To dip Doritos in a yummy salsa and to also dance salsa! 

If you could say something to future athletes, what would it be? To do the sport you love the most, and to always try just one more time! 

Are you ever tired? Always tired! I try to get 7-8hrs sleep at night and maybe a 20min power nap during the day!

Does it feel strange when AJ touches your arm in Strictly? No not at all, it’s just like touching my hand! He’s very good at leading me now with my hand or my arm!


How do you swim with one arm? I try to balance myself using my legs, my left hand and strong tummy muscles.

Do you swim with your robotic arm? No I swim without any prosethics 

How often do you train? I train 25-30hrs of triathlon training 

What is your favourite thing to cook? A beef roast dinner 

Will the salsa be easy when you do it on Strictly? No dance is ever easy on strictly!

Who inspired you to be an athlete? Dame Kelly Holmes


How do you put your hair up? I use my arm and left hand, but I have to put my head upside down! 

How do you get changed between each section of the triathlon? You have to be very organised and very quick!

Can you type and use a mouse? Yes I can I use the mouse on the left side and I type with my left hand and my arm! 

Can you multi-task? Yes I’m very good at doing lots of things at once!

Do you miss your family when you are away competing? Yes but at most of the competitions my parents come to watch!