burning off energy with diddi dance!


words by Caroline O'Mara:

George and I were recently invited along to try Diddi Dance and despite it being his usual nap time, George was in good spirits and loved it.. almost as much as I did!

We were greeted warmly by Kate and we found a nice sized class - not too many, but enough to be full of atmosphere and to feel busy. We went through a gentle warm-up to get us started.

There were loads of different aspects of dance included for a really varied class. This term is 'country and western', so included galloping like horses, swinging your lasso and a bit of 'do si do'. There was also great use of props, including colourful hula hoops and ribbons. These kept all the children engaged and enthusiastic. As well as being super fun, the class works to teach children good discipline - they were told to wait by the wall or stay sat on their bottoms before receiving their props.

All in all, I found Diddi Dance a really fun and engaging class, perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers to get them moving and, most importantly for parents, burning off all that energy! I will definitely be back!