Island Feather Launch Horizon

After a successful 6 months since their launch, Island Feather have been working hard to push their boundaries, develop their products, and continue their mission to support others to find their freedom.

With an exciting year ahead Island Feather are proud to have brought a new exciting product to market to compliment the brand and capture their outdoor lifestyle.

Introducing … The Horizon Roof Top Tent

Island Feather have worked with a specialist manufacturer to ensure that this product does not compromise on quality, style or comfort and will continue to support your lifestyle.

At Island Feather we are inspired by the outdoors, and recognise that our customers too love to travel and explore. Although you cant wear this product, it is stylish, high quality and still supports your outdoor sports lifestyle.

We first came across this alternate option to camping when visiting ISPO Munich. We sadly had to get rid of our Mercedes Vito Camper that we converted over the years and it was a product that was the perfect solution that we didn’t even realise we were even looking for!

Following this trip we spent time looking for a specialist manufacturer as we wanted to get one custom built for our personal use. We took this around our adventures and events this summer and after such a positive response from our customers we decided to add this to our products. You know how it goes… one thing lead to another and we are excited to see the journey!

We love the Horizon! It’s universality means that you no longer need to buy a camper to get away and explore. The Horizon roof top tent can be secured to any car roof rack and will offer you the opportunity to find your freedom in ultimate comfort and style.
— Claudia, Island Feather Founder
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